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Re: Here's an idea: why not develop new AIL2/3 and DIGPAK drivers?

in DOS
DIGPAK & MIDPAK Developers Kit v1.50 http://www.programmersheaven.com/download/6478/ZipFileList.aspx AC97 sound driver for DOS http://www.bttr-software.de/forum/board_entry.php?id=6510&page=0&order=last_answer&category=5 DIGPAK is just (PCM) wav audio? Edit: more links DMKIT v1.0 - http://www. …

Re: DOSBox debugger

Example: Hardware breakpoint with OllyDbg v1.10 Determine the Host(win32) address for the memory value of intrest and add the bHardware_Breakpoint stuff to the DEBUG_HeavyIsBreakpoint() function Open DOSBox.exe in Olly. Symbols (dosbox.pdb) should load automatically, if in the same directory. Set a …

Re: Starship Titanic: "MEM_BAD_POINTER?"

in Windows
Interesting. How did you learn about this? google.com is my friend 😀 some CAD software is broken by this I don't know of any other games edit: I saw some info somewhere... (which now I can't find ) detailing how to re-compile SmartHeap so the problem doesn't occur

Re: Starship Titanic: "MEM_BAD_POINTER?"

in Windows
okay... goto http://starshiptitanic.com get the official 1.00.42c patch and get the cvid patch next goto http://www.mackichan.com/index.html?SNBK/win98patch.html~mainFrame download sh33w32.dll ( SmartHeap ) and replace the one in the game directory with it. also of note... Qmixer.dll is notoriously …

Debugger: Host Hardware Breakpoint Integration

Use IA-32 hardware breakpoints and win32 structured exception handling to signal the dosbox debugger to break execution of an emulated DOS game. Break read/write/code(read) (limit 4 breakpoints) Breakpoints with little performance loss Convert memory addresses between dosbox environment and windows …

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