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Re: Mario Is Missing Deluxe Crashes

core=simple is seldom used. Do you get crashes with core=auto, the default setting? machine=svga_paradise core=auto cputype=auto xms=false ems=true umb=false memsize=16 No, core=auto and cputype=auto work properly here. Also, to clarify, after getting past that door on the first floor where the …

Re: Mario Is Missing Deluxe Crashes

Loadfix doesn't do anything, but thanks for the suggestion. Anyway, after doing a little more testing, it seems I found the problem: [original settings] machine=svga_paradise core=simple cputype=386 xms=true ems=true umb=true memsize=16 [new settings] machine=svga_paradise core=simple cputype=386 …

Mario Is Missing Deluxe Crashes

Dosbox .72 and .73 Thinkpad R40 Intel Pentium M Processor 1.3 GHZ ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 2 GB RAM Western Digital 6400AAV External HDD Win XP SP3 Original Mario is Missing Deluxe! CD http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n189/Master_Omega/dosbox_002.png Mario is Missing Deluxe requires a CD for the …

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