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Re: Internet Explorer Load Error

in PC Emulation
Use system restore and/or Open Internet Explorer in Internet Explorer Safe Mode and disable addins. Ok, but will it clean out my computer of everything. Such as game files, pictures, videos, etc.? No, it just temporarily disables all the plugins for IE you have installed. If that doesn't work, then …

Re: Here's a laugh

in Milliways
I suppose you're right, but I still can't grasp how an MX4000 can be more expensive than an 8400GS. The 8400 is superior in every way except maybe power consumption, but I still don't think it uses that much.

Re: Here's a laugh

in Milliways
I've seen loads of stuff like this on newegg.com. Just take a look at PCI cards or the $25-$50 price class. The weirdest thing I've seen is a GeForce 6200 for $164! According to the title it's a dual-GPU card with 4 VGA ports, but the picture shows a card with two DVI ports. Seems a bit fishy to me. …

Re: Anyone Play minecraft?

in Milliways
I've been playing since Beta 1.2, and it's a pretty nice game. Since it's a sandbox game there's always something to do. Also, if you get bored there's always mods to play around with. Btw, why isn't anyone joining the server? So far only I and Bob have played.

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