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Re: RB3D works 99%

One place couldn't contain it all. We tried that already. Speaking of trying, I hope you all will give ROTJ a go......(My mod for RB) 😁 http://benchmarksims.com/ROTJ/index.htm

Re: 4 Glidos

If you go into preferences and select DD (direct draw) you will see the way the chat GUI displays. It displays the same in DD or Glide. I loaded up the demo and tested it out to be sure, the chat feature works in solo. Heres a picture of how the demo looks with some improved graphics on a voodoo …

Re: RB3D works 99%

I'm running it on a GeForce 3 Ti 500 under Win98 and don't have any problems now I've changed the texture setting to 6 from 8 (I was getting some zebra stripes until then). S! Herr Bruno! Hmmmmmmm........!!!! If going from 6 to 8 clears up some distortion, maybe going from 6 to 4 will eliminate the …

Blinded by the Light!

This flashing grey is a general incompatability. It makes its presence known in many situations: Too quick on the F keys will reproduce it. Going to the Knee Map one time too often will produce it. Enabling MMP Chat will produce it. I suspect it's trying to tell us something, but I have no idea what …


😁 Setting priority to 2 has fixed my sound prob!! HELLO WORLD!! 😁 😁 😁 Unfortunately, I'm now having some FR trouble, so I disabled sunglare & clouds in my RB Prefs, and my FR is much better! (My Prop Animations are set to low as well.) 😀

Re: RB3D works 99%

Glidos wrote: These sound problems. Might be worth editing the OpenGLid.INI file and changing the Wrapper Priority to 2. Let me know if it helps. Rgr that! I'll let ya know ASAP! 😀

Re: RB3D works 99%

Nicht Sehr Gut wrote: Don't think so. Just tried Paul's most recent modified DLL with the Red Baron 3D demo and it worked almost flawlessly (occasiona […] Show full quote Don't think so. Just tried Paul's most recent modified DLL with the Red Baron 3D demo and it worked almost flawlessly ( …

No can do.......

The soundblaster came with the system, and is the only running sound card I have at the moment. XP has more User & GUI Resources than 2000 does, and is more geared twards gaming.


Yep.......It might be a Win2K/XP prob.......... I'm using the latest Soundblaster in my box. BTW: Sound still loops/hangs up my machine. 🙁

Sound Probs......

The sound hangs up or repeats periodically. When in the Menu, especially. Eventually, the game locks up hard, and the only recourse is to reboot the entire computer. 🙁 I will try the September 7th version to see if it does the same thing.........

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