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Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist CD

Using latest CVS Build. I left notes there about it on the gameforums forum, but no response there. So I thought maybe it will have a response here. Music Part works Excellent. Graphics and Gameplay Excellent. Audio- SoundFX/Speech all carackly and harsh. Not intelligable. This always seems to be a …

Halloween Harry V1.1 or Alien Carnage V1

Both are basically the same game with different titles. My question is and concern is everytime I play either of those games in Dosbox. The Title Screen and the Main Menu Screen flickers and fades out then fades back in everytime I access them and then it stays on after all that. It's really …

Maniac Mansion

It is basically the exact same thing as in Zak. I found the PC Manual for it just recently. I'll add it as an attachement. (txt file) Ieremiou PS: I've played Maniac Mansion, but I can't seem to get CTRL-C to work. I push the combination but it doesn't quit the game. Not sure what's wrong.

Duke 3d Atomic Edition

Yes BUILD games have their problems but... Using the latest CVS build i've had excellent time playing Duke3d. I haven't tried Blood yet. And i did play a little bit of Shadow Warrior. It's a little jerky still but it works quite well. Ieremiou

I see

I noticed you changed a lot in the Conf file. I figured out that aspect correction was stretching and messing up my old 320x200 game graphics. Yet fullscreen doesn't stay locked in fullscreen when i load dosbox. This very much annoys me. Let me know please, I did post this on the unoffical forums. …

Latest CVS Build Nov 10 (Scaler Broken?)

This was also apparent in build Nov 9 as well. It doesn't seem to read my .conf file and i have it set up correctly because i reverted back to the Nov 5 build. Most of my old games that i played were in 320x200 screen format and it keeps using the full screen 320x240 I believe which stretches out my …

Zone 66 and Privateer

There is no real problem just that they don't work. I was curious about what VM86 is because that is what is not supported to run Zone66. I also wondereed what it meant by CPU Paging features not supported which is what won't let privateer run apparently. This is under the new Nov 4 Dosbox CVS build …

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