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Re: Windows Me - "Misunderstood Edition"

in Milliways
Fascinating post! I guess you had got a good Win Me experience because you where one of the few who actually installed it correctly. Part of ME's bad reputation was caused by fact it mainly shipped as an upgrade and people installed it on top of an earlier, possibly broken installation (it was also …

Re: Windows 95B

in DOSBox General
I remember that one of my favorite games, The Last Half of Darkness, required a printer. Without one you were unable to create a map of your current location. Plus, output was linewise for continuous paper. So a normal image output is rather useless here. A normal text file would be much more suited …

Norton Commander Anniversary

in Milliways
Hello everyone, I just realised the now famous Norton Commander was released about 30 years ago*. It's astonishing how much time has passed since then and how technology evolved. Back when Norton Commander was new, the NES was the new hot games console everyone wanted. The first Amiga just came out, …

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