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Re: Powerleap adapter

I can do that! Have only tested a few cpus. Where do I donwload it? What version should I use? And is it DOS / is there a boot CD version (linux or something) EDIT: Having second thoughts because I don't remeber super PI being a popular benchmark in the 386/486/Pentium days... Thanks for referring …

Re: Powerleap adapter

Crumbling is indeed usually caused by mounting and unmounting a cooler. It doesn't have to mean the cpu is broken, theres an edge of unused die material surrounding the die itself (atleast there is with Athlon XP). I'm not sure if using an extra adapter would make overclocking more susceptible to …

Re: Hard disk drive grinding

in Milliways
If you're worried about spyware, I can suggest you run HijackThis and paste the log file online here: http://www.hijackthis.de/ It's not foolproof but it's a good way to start ;) I'll second that brand doesn't mean anything, got a Kolak running 15 years and it works sooo great man, unbelievable …

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