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Re: 2d video cards

iv also got a voodoo 1 and a pair of voodoo 2s thats what i need 2d cards for but there askin silly money on ebay fo s3s I had a look...you're right. I mean 10 for a 2meg S3? a couple years ago I literally GAVE a handful to a friend of mine so he could troubleshoot a broken board of his. Maybe I …

Re: green switch

You can connect the green LED to anything you want. Since I never use hybernate, sleep or stuff like that, I just plug it in another mobo header thingy, if there is one

Re: Newbie

P3-1400? I just heard them today as I think the fastest P3s are 1000Mhz.. are they overclocked? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_III#Tualatin Great chips, but they came out when the P4 was already around. So Intel didn't "push" them at all. The P3 DNA ended up flowing into the mobile chips ( …

Re: Newbie

I made a new topic solely for discussing mainboard manufacturers ;) http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=207467#207467 Your P4 isn't hot as, at 1.6Ghz and being a Northwood, it produces 'only' about 50W, which is about 50% more then a P3-1400, which happens to also be about 25% faster then your …

Re: Newbie

Yes, Jetway and PC-Chips are in the low-end market, until now. I have ever used a PC-Chips S478 actually, which is quite reliable (running 24x7 for a week without any restarts, no bluescreens coming). Is there any converters so I can use later Pentium II/III on this board? Or should I stick with …

Re: Newbie

Imo Jetway isn't exactly a tier-1 mobo manufacturer. In my personal list of mobo manufacturers, Jetway lingers somewhere along the bottom (with the bottom position occupied by PC-Chips and it's 20 clones 🤣 ).

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