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Re: 486DX-50 MHz EISA system

I've always wanted to build a EISA system but I've never come across an EISA board in my retro computing adventures and they always seem to be overly expensive or are of some proprietary form factor without a case on eBay. I'd love to test out this ATI Mach32 EISA video card I've had kicking around …

Rendition Verite won't work in IBM Aptiva

So I have an IBM Aptiva 2176 which I currently have Windows 98se installed on. I wanted to install a Rendition Verite card in one of the two PCI slots to replace the built-in ATI Rage graphics but no luck. When the card is installed in the lower PCI slot I get a green light on my monitor but the …

Re: IBM MWave related

Where did you guys find Mwave drivers? I'm currently restoring an Aptiva model 2176 and I can't find Mwave drivers anywhere, just broken links. I currently have Win98 installed and the Mwave card isn't even detected as a ! in device manager.

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