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Re: Why SCSI?

I've recently been looking at the SCSI option as well and have asked the same question. from what i've found seems in early systems SCSI hard drives are a little quicker. also don't forget you can chain more devices where IDE is limited to 2. so with an SCSI card you can have your internal CD-rom …

Re: check out my WANG!

I was suprised as well, it does have two PS/2 ports though which is really nice as well as two seriel ports and a parallel built into the board. also has built in VGA with a Western Digital Paradise WD90C11 chip but I disabled that and went with the ET4000 though the WDP is a decent chip. right now …

check out my WANG!

sorry couldnt help it... anyways this was given to me from a guy after I bought a few DOS computers off him. He said he was getting out of collecting old computers and gave me a few things this being one. WANG 750CD 25mhz 386 w/ cryix 387 fastmath coproccessor 15MB of RAM Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 3com …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

I recently picked up an Audeo Excel AV307. complete in box. The box claims sb16 and pro compatability but I havnt tested it yet. I cant find much info on this particular model. doesd anyone know if its as good as the other models that supposedly do everything without the hanging note bug?

Re: Is this the "hanging note bug" or something else?

@MAU1, yeah it happens even if i restart at the same places. @5U3, yes, those are the exact spots in the video I hear it as well so at least I know its not me or that's an intentional sound. I assumed it was the bug as I said I've never actually heard any examples of it before.

Is this the "hanging note bug" or something else?

I cant seem to find any examples in audeo files or videos of the "hanging note" bug for sb16 cards. so I'm not sure what this is. i recently bought a NEC XR385 MIDI daughter board which I paired with a SB16 CT2800. i know this card has the "hanging note" bug but i wanted to see for myself. I've …

Re: is there Hercules support in DOSBox?

i meant the front end d-fend as opposed to just going into acual dosbox. if by chooseing herculeas you mean goining under the graphics section and choiceing the "hercules graphics card" as opposed to say "svga_s3" then yes, ive tried it under the front end and dosbox itself with the same result. …

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