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Re: Idea CMS emulation via TSR

I honestly don't see the need or the appeal, CMS chips are cheap, i'd rather see a combo ISA card that would combine Tandy + CMS + SID + MPU-401. Lots of bases covered there. However if you wanna do that, more power to you, i guess.

Re: Volo's Gamepad to PS/2 Adapter. Device discussion (official thread) (Starting shipping 31.08.2021)

I considered investigating a concept of a reverse adapter (to allow USB steering wheels, joysticks and gamepads to be connected to the gameport), but no one was interested: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=84056 Is there really any conceivable need to convert analog joysticks into PS/2? …

Re: Convert PC Booter to EXE [MULE]

in DOS
NewRisingSun wrote on 2021-09-28, 22:24: My DOS conversion of M.U.L.E. is included in the latest (v19, August 2021) release of TDC. Say no more, good sir!! 😀

Re: DIGPAK sound drivers open-sourced under MIT License

in DOS
digger wrote on 2021-09-23, 22:13: Would anybody care to help me "port" these assembly sources from TASM Ideal mode dialect to something that allows them to be built with an open source assembler? 😇 Why do you need to port it? You can use GUI Turbo Assembler.

Re: Ultimate multi-sound card setup?

My multi Sound Card setup in a boring, long, almost 40 minute long video that no one should watch. You have been advised: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk6nyrX4DK8 My DOS setup is currently comprised of the following cards: - Ensoniq Soundscape (SPEA); - Roland RAP-10; - Orpheus 1 with TB60XG DB; …

Re: Windows 3.1 on FreeDOS

I found most problems with FreeDOS could be solved by replacing common DOS drivers, like memory managers, CD drivers, etc.... However there are some games that fail completely, due to (my suspicion, not confirmed) kernel incompatibility. I suspect some INT functions might not be implemented properly …

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