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Dosbox forum?

in Milliways
Their forum on sourceforge is nice but howabout moving here? This would increase our userbase greatly and make it uncessesary to browse 4 forums for a 4 different emulators! 😁

Great Idea for gamers--- CD emulation

in Milliways
Just started playin' around with Daemon Tools this weekend. I've had it in my collection since it came out but I always preferred game cracks...unfortunately it's hard to get the crack for the updated game if a patch comes out. Well, now I'm gonna buy 200gb HD's and start storing my CloneCD images …

Re: I wonder if i can get help...(read me)

in DOS
I'm sorry but as far as I know lemmings is still being sold and is not even considered "abandonware". Even if it was not being sold only with the approval of the publisher would it be legal to distribute the program freely and since this board does not promote "warez" in any form.....

Re: Publicity

in Milliways
I'm sure people would be happy to donate...as long as they could be assured that their money goes to good use. 😉

Re: "Those were the days..."

in Milliways
On the contrary MW2:Mercs was the best of the series....and still is. I'd like a Win32 redo but it seems like that will never happen. 🙁 Supposedly a MW4: Mercs is gonna come out....

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