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Need to get my 5.25" drive installed in something!

in DOS
So the same incredible Freecycle find that got me my prototype Sound Blaster has turned up a few other nice surprises... The gentleman advertised a small list of old games, among them Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, along with some other games. Well, digging through the two boxes, there are a few …

Re: Monochrome CGA

CGA monochrome supports higher resolution than color mode. (640x200) And with tweaking in composite mode, can be both high-resolution and high-color. (Relatively speaking, of course.) Plus, the OP is referring to support in DOSBox. (I used to have an HP 200LX, which has a "CGA monochrome" display. I …

Re: Introduction.

I keep meaning to get an Amiga, (along with an Alpha and a Sun, and a....) but haven't gotten one yet. I've had a few slip through my fingers from Freecycle/Craigslist over the years. I started out as solely a collector of 68k Macs, then 3-4 years ago expanded to early IBMs, then to "alternative" …


Alright, found this site through a search, and it looks great to me, so I suppose I'd better introduce myself. I'm "Anonymous Freak", the same name on many other forums (including Slashdot, MacRumors, 68kmla, VCForums, and a few more.) I'm a long-time geek, dating back to when my dad bought an IBM …

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