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Re: DosBox 0.61 Question and Improve

> but I don't know how I can modify it I am not a programmer and for me > what are writing is " Antique Egyptian :-; " You can use a hex-editor to search for hexstrings (antique egyptian) and to modify binary data. Those hieroglyphs are just hexadecimal values that represent code. wd

Re: DosBox 0.61 Question and Improve

> Dissassembled the code, and jumped around the file check? No, just jumped out of the infinity-loop. > When I run it, the program search the file REPORT.sys in root with its attributes set to on. Do you know if this is the only protection? I don't know the program (and language...), so i can't tell …

Re: NPX BCD operations completely broken

in DOSBox General
> fbld tbyte ptr TestNum this opcode isn't implemented. > Now go to the numeric processor view window - the value displayed > for ST(0) will be ZERO, not Pi. this has nothing to do with BCD encoding. the value is zero because FSAVE isn't implemented. it works perfectly (tried bp7 td) when FSAVE is …


in DOSBox General
> I got my "VBE 2.0 Support not present" error printed. dosbox only returns vesa ver2.0 if the input buffer contains the VBE2 string at the beginning, otherwise the version-fileld gets 1.2. i think this behavior is wrong (it should always be 2.0 if the support is 2.0), i tested it with several …

Re: Wing Commander 2, DosBox CVS-20040116

> but I think that perhaps the Wing Commander games do this well it's true that they do this, but it's really not good to read a file into a memory space that is being used as a jump table > it was always a battle to get enough free conventional memory then it should run with much free memory, …

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