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Re: Why is Gravis Ultrasound very expensive?

in Windows
Why did the demoscene choose this card over the others? Apart from the reasons other people already mentioned, there has long been a tradition in the demo scene to see what's possible with a very limited amount of storage. 64k intro's, 4k intro's etc. A lot of intro's started to use GUS because the …

Re: Tell me what it's like to own a GUS

in Milliways
I was a big demo scene fan back in the day, and even went to demo parties. I got a GUS when I could, because there were a lot of releases that I couldn’t run without a GUS, and when I visited friends with one, I heard the big difference back in the day (because software mixing was too heavy so it …

Re: Fixing SB AWE64 Gold

That's the mistake right there, Creative should have added an MPU-401 interface to the EMU8k. If it wasn't possible then Creative should never have chosen the EMU8k in the first place since its wavetable isn't exactly spectacular and the effects are merely ok. Other companies were capable of on- …

Re: Questions on Sound Card DSPs

it is no MIDI card, a game must either implement the MIDI driver in its own music driver (like DOOM) or you have to load the AWEUTIL TSR that emulates MIDI on your CPU. How did the driver implementation help? Did it play the music in the EMU? Because the EMU does not do MIDI. It is a sophisticated …

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