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Re: Retro paradox?

in Milliways
In the Netherlands it is also sometimes used for subtitles, as it supports transparency. It works because teletext can be updated “live” and the subtitles are on page 888 that is sent multiple times instead of in order.

Re: EGA aesthetics

Some artists had worked with Amiga’s before, and then EGA will look quite harsh in comparison. Even the 16 colors of the C64 look more soft and approachable, but that is of course a matter of taste😉

Re: Should I use .MOD sound files for sound effects?

in DOS
If you strictly mean to use the mod to store the samples, the mod format may not be the best fitted, because the format only allows for 31 samples. An XM or IT might be better then, as you can store more samples. If you mean to use mods because you will use some library that is module-based, some of …

Re: GUS Frustrations

I think the biggest “mistake” of Gravis was to not include some sort of clone SB Pro support like all competitors at the time. I don’t know if that would have been possible at the time, and it might have made the card even more expensive than it already was. It was maybe a bit ambitious and also …

Re: Did you create maps for games?

in Milliways
I did a bit of DOOM map editing back in the day, including midi and audio mods. I did it with some friends and then we would play deathmatches in our own levels, that was quite funny. I also made my own audio packs for Worms 3D, and also some “levels” although they were merely drawings that you …

Re: Require a 4:3 VGA and SVGA display solution

I noticed with captures of demo scene productions that the motion compensation techniques of my tv are sometimes very capable of hiding / filling in the gaps of the inevitable stutters that most captures of MS-DOS demos have. It depends on the actually achieved frame rates and the kind of movement. …

Re: Games that sound best with GUS?

in Milliways
Yes, the difference in sound is often lack of interpolation (that is really taxing on 486 class machines) but sometimes also less accurate software mixing routines with lots of rounding errors or even 8 bit output. Also, the GUS needs far less bus and memory access when playing music and sound …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 & AWE: From best to worst

Yep, it is clearly visible that your sound is clipping. You might get away with setting up your DOS/Windows mixer with the wave / voice channel to a lower volume (50-60%) as that might prevent the clipping issue. It is possible that the digital sound part of the card comes in too loud in the analog …

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