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Re: Socket 478 ISA motherboards - Anyone try them?

Yes I am i pulled it from a compaq PC and flashed with a retail bios. You might have to look for OEM boards but it was a KT266A according to everest. Came with an XP 1700+ from compaq. Also found this online, it supports Core2 Duo and Core2 Quad and has ISA http://www.adek.com/ATX-motherboards.html …

Re: connecting IDE and power cables?

Computer cant use over 128mb its using the Intel 430VX supports 128mb Max ram and 64mb cacheable ram. This means the chipset can only cache 64mb at a time, and that it supports a maximum of 128mb of ram period. This was a value chipset but back in the mid 90's using 128mb of memory wasn't for normal …

Re: CPU FSB question

No you shouldn't have a problem at all, I used to play old dos games on a K6-2 450 running at 100x4.5. The games i was playing worked fine. Warcraft1, Civilization, Colonization.

Re: AGP Graphics Card Testing

on the 9550 try an earlier win9x driver, when it came out alot of computers still had Windows98, id look for a Cat 3 or 4 release driver. Had a similar problem with my Radeon 9200SE PCI and the latest 9x Cata Drivers resolved using http://downloads.guru3d.com/ATI-Catalyst-4.2-Windows-98|ME-download- …

Re: To slow

Well it may be a dell but its totally clean, my main PC is down after the video card died, Texas Summer, no AC and GTX470 do not mix lmao. But this dell is clean, bios updated with a custom bios that restores features that where included on the retail intel board this Dell runs. No bloatware, no …

Re: To slow

from the FAQ it says a PentiumII/K6-2 is needed to eumulate a 386 Pentium3 1ghz/AMD Athlon for 486Fast thats from the FAQ so i have to disagree unless the FAQ is wrong

Re: To slow

* Dell * Pentium 3 1000 * 256mb PC133 * Radeon 9200SE PCI * Soundmax Intergrated Digital Audio * Windows 2000 SP4 * Colonization 3.0 * Slow to render anything, though music is fine. And i mean it takes a good 30seconds at least to render anything * Everytime i try to play * SBpro2 * DDRAW *DOSBOX …

Re: To slow

Yes tried VDM and well sound is garbbled and crackled no matter what I try. As for the system tray, only thing in it is the volume icon. Nothing else running on this desktop. Opening the taskmanager shows ram being used by dosbox at 69mb of memory, CPU usage 89% if i take cycles higher it gets to …

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