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Re: Whats a good format to have music in?

in Milliways
Don't know, but why would one need that to sort files? I guess working in a office for years trained me to properly file things. Tagging goes beyond file organization. Tagging is immensely useful for the metadata it provides. It enables all sorts of functionality, like distinguishing album artists …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
Got me this HP Proliant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T to replace my Synology NAS (and to play around with :)). Now looking for a Xeon CPU to upgrade it with (but hard to find a Socket 1155 Xeon). The Celeron in it now is also quite fast actually! Be careful with the CPU you put in it. The G1610T is a 35W …

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