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Re: Whats your experience in importing motherboards?

in Milliways
Hopefully you get your motherboards mate, if they go to a customs guy he’s likely to hand them over for scrap value - seen a few precious metal extraction vids on YouTube, mostly Indian. That second hand dealer nonsense is plainly an excuse - and my family knows about Indian bureaucracy too, my …

Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
Loving the Esky megatron, reminds me I have to get mine back on the road for its 50th next year ... October ‘72 1300XL but with a Mexico 1600, but only a standard Motorcraft carb. Will probably just get the 1600 warmed up and some better carbs. 47DE28DF-AAAB-4A32-AD2D-0C69FE9209DF.jpeg My retro …

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