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Re: EF2000 for DOS with 3DFX patch

Late to the party but here goes: I have the Ef-2000 V2 edition with Gfx+. It runs great in W95 on a Rendition Verite or Voodoo 1/2 card. I've up-gunned to a Vodoo2 SLI and have run into difficulties. Most of the time it goes to black screen loading a mission, but every so often the mission loads, …

Re: NEC XR385

You'll be amazed at the quality of the MIDI that the daughterboard makes. Really looking forward to it - hope i's not DOA... I listened to Swaaye's recordings and was impressed how the original Yamaha sounded, so I'm psyched about the clone. Vogons is definitely an "audio freindly" site and I've …

Re: Bad hardware?

in DOS
The best way to find out if you really need something is to throw it out - you'll find out soon enough. Works every time;)

Re: Retro 3D Accelerator Screenshot Collection

Haha... I didn't really think the same guy would be selling them - but just knowing there is an 8 banger out there means "one more thing" on the old eBay selective seach.. I have a nice 4mb S220 and it runs old Rendition games fine, but I'd really like to goose the horspower for Indycar Racing 2 …

Re: Please suggest GPU for Windows 95 PC

in PC Emulation
I agree the S3 Virge solution for 2D work is best and the Stealth 3D-2000 pro was a very good performer in this regard. No hassle with the old games, *just works*, freeing precious time to figure out how the hey to get those early 3dfx game running smoothly on your cool Voodoo 1...

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