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W95se and USB 2 cards

I've had no luck enabling a pci USB2 card on my W98se build [based on an Abit AV6 mobo with USB1.1]. I've tried an IOgear with NEC drivers, a Rosewill and a Syba both with the VIA drivers. All three advertise W98se compatibility. The rig's onboard USB ports work fine and I use flash drives and …

Re: VDMS and ATI 10.12 driver

Thanks DF the link was to a discussion of setup issues that I had well in hand before the upgrade. I also want to rule out dual-core/hyperthreading as a cause and will disable on a by/app basis to see if it restores anything. lol yes i'm sticking with XP at least for the next 6-12mo. Right now I'm …

VDMS and ATI 10.12 driver

Hi, New member. I just upgraded from a 7800GT nVidia driver system that ran VDMsound games [Grand Prix 2], OpenGL [Glquake etc.], Build engine games [Redneck, WW-2 GI, Duke Nukem, Nam, Blood 1 etc.] just fine - to an ATI 5770 rig with the latest driver v10.12 None of the above categories of games …

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