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Re: MUNT Reverb configuration

in MT-32 General
Hi there! Certainly, munt strives to implement a reverb model found in the emulated MT-32 hardware yet simply provides you for full and direct control over the reverb parameters available on real devices via software (i.e. SysEx messages). For instance, the four reverb modes are listed in the …

Re: Is munt windows 98 compatible?

i tried the dosbox compiled with munt v1.3.0 referenced above and, while the default instruments sounded ok, any custom instruments came across with a distorted computer synth sound. thinking it might be the older version of mt32emu i tried my hand at compiling a win9x build using mingw of the most …

Re: Is munt windows 98 compatible?

here's the wrinkle: mt32emu_qt can connect to the virtual mme device with no issues EXCEPT when another application is connected. i get the same open failed error as if nothing has changed. what gives? the virtual mme device is purpose designed to accept multiple clients and nothing else has a …

Re: Is munt windows 98 compatibel?

Yeah, life goes on and on, the support for win9x platform's become scarce, and 16-bit stuff's hopelessly gone to the abandonware category. Sadly, I can't immediately provide a win9x-compatible DOSBox build (technically), but probably this month. You could keep looking around, but note, even MinGW …

Re: Is munt windows 98 compatibel?

no, the pin synth box is not ticked. i don't even know what that does. i presume it has something to do with windows desktop settings? No clue. The behaviour of the 16-bit stuff buried in win98 is hard to predict, and the multimedia subsystem heavily relies on that. Maybe you can fix it by using …

Re: Is munt windows 98 compatibel?

Heh, I don't recall when my Win98 rebooted not because of a crash (I tried really hard at the times to put my PC to sleep overnight, etc.) but well, you sound like there is a specific problem. A quick question: do you have the "Pin Synth" checked? Speaking of performance, let me remind that Win9x …

Re: Munt works (for sound) but doesn't show main window

in MT-32 General
It seems there is a bug in mt32emu-qt. I managed to reproduce putting it to a similar state by moving the window outside the visible display area and restarting the app. Then the window is invisible and the preview is empty. See if maximisation / tiling / cascading desktop windows helps. Also, it …

Re: SoftMPU on a Compaq Contura

in SoftMPU
If VDMSound turn out to be a suitable option, I might help with coupling all that stuff. First of all, I trust you have MIDI fully working in Windows, that is it's available for Windows applications and not only in DOS sessions. That's a requirement for this sort of setup, and VDMSound essentially …

Re: Munt issue with Windows 10

in MT-32 General
Well, yes, there is definitely a problem with the device registry on this system, otherwise the installer would work. I suppose, dosbox is not the only MIDI app of interest, right? If yes, a build with the integrated mt32emu would be a better solution.

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