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Re: Wing Commander 3

I have different problems with WC 3. My problem is with the video. Everything seems to run fine (in both WIndows and DOSBOX) except that my CD ROM reads the videos too fast and the videos are more or less skipped over. Anyone else having this problem?

Re: Return of the Phantom

See if you can install it from windows, then play from DOSBOX. If you are still required to install from DOSBOX, make sure you have set up your CD rom drive like so -c "mount e e:\ -t cdrom" Be sure to include the quotes as shown. I should warn you that the videos will still be very slow but the …

Re: Alien Virus Crash

Okay, I got past the bug by using a slowdown program instead of DOSBOX. In fact, it actually works better that way. Maybe for the next version of DOSBOX, someone can take a look to see what makes a SLOWDOWN work better than DOSBOX in some games. Thanks.

Re: Alien Virus Crash

Come on now ... I know some people have played this game, because it is listed as "playble" at DOSBOX. I just need to figure out what is causing my game crash when the robot tries to open the door for me.

Bypassing Dragonsphere Installation

I know that some games have problems with installation crashes which make it impossible to play the game, but I have managed to bypass some installation crashes by manually installing and editing cfg files. Does anyone know of a way to do this with Dragonsphere? If anyone has the game installed …

Alien Virus Crash

I have gotten Alien Virus to start up with difficulty. I had to change the frame skip and processor speed, but the game innevitably crashes as soon as the robot attempts to open the door for me. It says something about a "timing error." I know some people have been able to play the game, so I …

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