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Re: MechWarrior 2 Windows 98SE in 800x600 Crashing

Was it only the problem at 800x600 or the standard 640x480, too? I recalled that I couldn't use mouse on the Mech2 3Dfx version. It would crash after some rapid shooting with mouse clicks. Just moving mouse was fine. I was playing inside QEMU VM though. I couldn't remember if mouse would work on …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

in PC Emulation
You're probably the first person to get QEMU compiled but didn't know where to proceed. I would have thought compiling QEMU from source would be the most difficult hurdle to get through. Once it was done, everything should be simple. Anyway, you will need Glide Wrappers for 3Dfx/Glide. It is obvious …

Re: Voodoo5 5500's DirectX Support

VSA100 drivers are capable to force 32-bit color in Glide, just like wrappers or emulators. No Glide games can actually use this. The official Glide specification 2.x and 3.x released had never included support for 32-bit color and high-resolution texture. They can only be used by 3Dfx OpenGL 1.1 …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

in PC Emulation
Check your config-host.mak in the build folder which was generated by configure script. I am not sure why your Debian/Arch environment did not include X11 libs. Mine did. Both XFlush and XOpenDisplay are standard X11 API. $ grep X11 config-host.mak CONFIG_X11=y X11_CFLAGS= X11_LIBS=-lX11 SDL_LIBS=- …

Re: Half-Life WON Pause Menu Issue

in Windows
QEMU MESAGL had the solution for this exact problem for Half-Life 1. Apparently the game maintained 2 window DCs, one for the UI/menu and another for OpenGL context. It (or Windows OS) did issue WM_ACTIVATE messages switching between UI/menu and in-game screen. The OpenGL ICD should have captured …

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