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Games crash when moving the mouse (solved)

in DOS
On some games I'm trying to run, moving the mouse results in a crash. The affected games are Redhook's Revenge, Legend of Kyrandia, and it's sequel Hand of Fate. These games start up just fine, and appear to run normally. However, as soon as you move the mouse, the whole machine locks up and the …

Re: jwt27's Gaming Machine

Sorry, I mean just disable ECC from BIOS if you can. I could try that, but how much of a performance improvement do you think I can expect? Love gaming on my 21" CRT monitor, was playing Redneck Rampage on it @ 1024x768 last night. abit a lil slowdown so I'll probably drop it down to 800x600. For …

Re: jwt27's Gaming Machine

Thank you all for your replies :) Thats a spicy meatball you got there. If you could, drop ECC-Registered as data isn't mission critical and can gain some performance without it. Get a bigger monitor, my eyes would kill me on 14". I'm more than likely out of my depth on the soundblaster but I would …

jwt27's Gaming Machine

Hey guys, after a few months of reading around these boards I thought I might just as well register. I thought showing off my gaming rig would be a good way to start here :cool: -- Hardware -- Mainboard: MSI MS-6119 BX2, chipset 440BX CPU : Intel Pentium 2 350MHz, Slot 1 RAM : 2x 128MB, 100Mhz, ECC- …

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