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Re: CAD Talk & Help with Mobile Workstation Selection

in Milliways
I can't remember the exact model as it was 3 years ago, but the HP Zbook but the 2 we had went thought 2 different motherboards and a dock. Admittedly they were the bottom of the range Zbook but no zbook is budget. 2 years ago another customer got a single Dell mobile workstation, both reliability …

Re: How do I split a large file in DOS?

in DOS
PKzip was how I did this back in the day, but any dos level archiver should be able to do this for you. PKzip would automatically break the file into disk sized chunks if you included the drive into the path eg pkzip -add a:\file.zip *.* I assume other archivers would act much the same

Re: Another noobish questions about Voodoo cards.

1) Don't see the point of reflowing old cards. More modern cards run much MUCH hotter, the extreme temperature changes from hot to cold casues cracks in the solder, when relowing a card your hoping to melt the solder somewhat to fill in these cracks. Old cards simply don't get hot enough for this to …

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