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Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

There is a bit of an issue with "monospace" function. I expect it to be used in case you need characters to be aligned with each other for visual clarity. However, when I submit a post, it destroys extra spaces between the characters, and the result is not what one would expect. If it is possible, …

Re: Manufacturer of this 486 PCI board and recommended setting for AMD 5x86 160MHz

Okay, I checked the sources and it turns out that I was wrong and PCI divider on SIS496/497 is automatically set at 1 at 25/33MHz FSB and 1/2 at 40/50MHz FSB. Here are the benchmark results for Phil's benchmark suite from January, 2014: CPU______PCI_____3Dbench__PCplayer_Quake__Doom(lower is better) …

Re: 7800 or 7900 series?

swaaye wrote on 2020-03-15, 21:19: HDR+AA in Oblivion (super important 🤣) 😁 Back in the day I convinced my family to buy me a new PC because of Oblivion. E6300 and x1800GTO were not really enough for it, and only Q6700 and HD4870X2 made the game really playable for me 8 years later 😁

Re: My thought on integrated video chipsets

Heh. Could you imagine how much more fun you could've had if you bought an Atom Netbook with the nVidia MCP79 chipset (AKA an nVidia Ion machine)? Who knows? Newer games aren't always better, as the existence of this forum has proven, however, I would have certainly noticed higher weight and/or …

Re: My thought on integrated video chipsets

My biggest detour into integrated graphics gaming happened in 2009. I was very enthusiastic about netbooks back then (and I still really love the idea) and the first "big" thing I bought myself, with money I got as salary, was a 10" Atom N270 laptop. Then bad things happened and my father got into …

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