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Microsoft Force Feedback Pro power cable

I have one of these lying around, but I can't find the adapter to power the motors. The only reserve adapter with an appropriate DC output I have does not fit into the port. Does anybody know what kind of plug it needs? Are replacements easy to find?

Re: 2D cards

For VGA/Vesa can help you this mine little benchmark. http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/benchmarks/309-quake-1-software-rendering Won't help you with directdraw, havent found good ddraw benchmark. Maybe test Unreal in SW mode can be little helpfull.... http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/ …

Re: Windows 7 and CD audio

in Windows
It should work by digitally feeding the sound card without any special cables. I have no trouble getting CD audio to work, but there is a bug which I believe affects everyone with Windows 7. Tracks do not loop when they're supposed to. Are you able to play the tracks with Windows Media Player?

Re: CRT questions

If the video card (or monitor) doesn't line double the image and the monitor doesn't support wider beam pitches, you will see noticeable black lines at low vertical resolutions. (OTOH, if fixed at wide beam pitch, high resolutions will appear blurrier) This isn't a problem with supporting a …

CRT questions

I have what I believe is an aperture grille CRT monitor. The model name is Dell P793. While I have been messing around with different applications and hardware, I experienced multiple oddities that I didn't quite expect. In VGA mode 0x13 (320x200), the info menu of the monitor prints 720x400@69Hz. …

Half-Life mini drivers

in Windows
Half-Life includes a miniGL driver for Voodoo cards. The readme states that mini drivers for other cards are provided by manufacturers. Are these drivers preserved somewhere?

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