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Re: Note FM Tracker

in Milliways
Hi everyone, Had fun reading through this stuff about NOTE. Really want to give it a try on my time machine (AWE32 CT2760) but the download link doesn't work anymore and I can't find NOTE anywhere in search engines - this appears to be the best resource for it. Also, can anyone confirm - does FM …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

As expected the card can not pass sound onto the internal sound card or laptop speakers. SHARP AD-AJ1.zip In other views, took one for the team (Although when assembled it´s barely noticeable it was disassembled): WP_20171122_002.jpg WP_20171122_003.jpg Id say from what I can see that the only …

Re: Glasses-Free 3D TV

in Milliways
Its a technology still not fully matured but something my Boss is really into and interested for. It would be amazing to see moving 3d image with out glasses and other sht (occulus, etc) on a large screen.

Re: What was your favorite computing era?

in Milliways
The era of FPS 3D mastery with the games such as Half Life and Unreal (Tournament) with their scenery, atmosphere and engines who sparked development of new and exciting games. Nothing beat the amount of high specs those games presented back then. Up till now it was mostly either graphics or game …

Toshiba Tecra 8200 1280x960 screen

HI guys. Because Toshiba Tecra 8200, and lower models, use an XGA screen (1024x768) the full screen DOS graphics are distorted. This makes out ugly graphics and it is pretty annoying to play on the default 640x480 small rectangle in the center of the screen. By my calculations the SXGA resolution ( …

Re: Where to find ROL/A2M/OPL music

in Milliways
Thank you for this information, but can you also help me learn how to download these files in a faster way? Surely there is a faster way than clicking one by one? https://stackoverflow.com/a/26269730/4381493 This will download all files from Apache indexed directory: wget -r -np -nH --cut-dirs=3 -R …

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