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Re: FYI: Steam drops Win7/8/8.1 in 2024

in Milliways
windows 11 has worked well on my unsupported hardware, but it's one of those things, feels like they can break it with some update :/ so I'm mainly staying with 10 for now, I think people playing with old hardware (that can't run win10) are a very small minority, so in terms of business it probably …

Re: Question about modern Radeon GFX

in Milliways
How much performance do you need and what's your budget? GeForce 1650 is the fastest option I think. But not the cheapest. Which CPU's do the 600 G3 machines have? Also take a potential bottleneck into consideration. I just need office/productivity/web-surfing/mail/home-banking use and then as a …

Re: Any love for AM2?

The same thing goes for the BE and e core X2s though, my 5050e was only pulling 35W at the wall for the system on a GF6100 board, "95W" X2 were only showing 65W at the wall. I didn't believe the watt meter built into a UPS type thing so I used an amp clamp did the math and got the same numbers. …

Re: Another question about Windows XP videocard

in Windows
8800GT sounds like it would be nice card for a XP era gaming rig, it's way faster than a 7900, it's not super rare or crazy on power, also it's just a more efficient evolution of the 8800GTX from late 2006. but, keep in mind, some games really push hardware on higher settings, with a HD 5850 I still …

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