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Re: Geforce FX 5200 upgrade?

amxcs wrote on 2023-01-04, 16:44: Hmm.. https://i.imgur.com/6LD8dWv.gif […] Show full quote Hmm.. yep, this is a 64bits 333MHz DDR card, pretty low, same memory bandwidth as a Voodoo 3 128bits 400MHz+ ram FX 5200 would be a lot faster, even if still not a great card.

Re: Windows XP how many people still use for it their MAIN OS?

in Milliways
Seriously guys, the time for XP compatible browsers is over. The web simply has become too bloated and 32-Bit editions were hard to compile to in ~2010 already. As far as I remember from the news back then, a Windows 2000 machine used for compilation had to use all kind of tricks to get Firefox 32- …

Re: "Fake AGP" slots?

I'm using a PC Chips A31G (761GX) with a "fake" AGP, the card just behaves like a PCI card, at least the ones I tested did (9250, MX4000), still a nice option to have in terms of compatibility I guess, but not a good solution for performance. I think other than having a chipset with native AGP …

Re: Windows XP how much people still use for MAIN OS?

in Milliways
feels windows 7 is the lowest you can go with good compatibility with new software tbh, and windows 7 x86 is pretty good with running with XP era drivers, like my AC97 onboard audio never got Vista drivers but works fine with XP drivers on 7 x86, also kind of worked with XP video drivers (with aero …

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