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Re: YOUR favorate game era.

in Milliways
It's definitely 1990-2003 for me; from the Super Nintendo and VGA graphics until the Xbox and PS2, I guess. GTA peaked with Vice City and The Elder Scrolls with Morrowind. Game design was limited by primitive technology in the 80's and, on this side of the era, I've been jaded to the flavor-of-the- …

Re: My Big Red Switch 486

I love the beastly towers with red switches. They're majestic. :) Nice one! I used to have that exact same casing housing my 286 and later my 386 DX clone and am actually trying to find one to build a retrogaming PC. That's cool, I've only ever seen the case once elsewhere. I had a feeling it was …

Re: Windows 7 Retro?

The term is totally subjective, and different from vintage . Since Windows 7 only has retro purposes and no other future facing value to me, I'll happily call it retro. I'm sure you could still use Windows 3.11 to make a lot of your documents, so even an objectively vintage system isn't retro in …

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