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Re: Pentium Restoration Project

Looks very nice. I would like to suggest getting a different keyboard adapter. Those rigid 1-piece adapters like you're using have a tendency to either fall out, or get knocked out when they hit up against something. Every time the PS/2 port gets accidentally hotplugged, it's maybe a 5% chance of …

Re: Tualatin "Beast" In progress

I just read your description of what the old board was doing. It's possible that was caused by failing capacitors. When they start to go, the board can start to act up strangely, especially with more load. I've heard of people putting generic Radio Shack caps on a motherboard, which are much higher …

Re: Computing pet-peeves

in Milliways
The modern web design trend towards heavy active scripting. HTML is simple, safe, consistent, easy to print, save, etc. It works. I generally liked the usability of the web much better 5-10 years ago vs today. It was inevitable that web developers would become discontented with HTML, but I don't …

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