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Re: ESD and you

Something I find funny about ESD with eBay is how so many sellers pack items in those cheap pink antistatic bags, put an ESD warning sticker on the bag, and then wrap it all up in regular bubble wrap. Public service announcement: Plastic antistatic bags are not shielding bags. "Antistatic" only …

Re: Quadro2 MXR overclocking the vram?

The Hercules "3D Prophet 2 MX" comes with 5.5ns 128bit SDRAM standard, they clocked it to 183MHz as a selling point. Clocking the GPU to MX400 speed should be easy but I was afraid to overclock back when I had one. They don't seem to be common though. I had a weird video refresh rate issue with mine …

Re: How often do you purchase retro hardware?

in Milliways
Every once in a while I start digging into eBay, maybe just out of boredom, but if I keep it up I will inevitably find something that I want to buy. This leads to more searching and more buying. Then after I think I've spent too much I stop. It happens a few times a year.

Re: BeOS

in Milliways
^Which version? I can’t seem to get it to run. Anyone else running it on socket 7? What iso did you use? On my K6-3 I just remember it being version 5. It was a free version that could be launched from within Windows98. I don't seem to have anything left of it in my archived files so I can't …

Re: BeOS

in Milliways
I ran that "Personal Edition" version 5 of BeOS on my K6-3 back around 2000 or so. I was very impressed with it, but it's usefulness was of course limited by the fact that we were living in a Windows world. Up to that point I had not used the WinNT series yet so BeOS' stability felt like a …

Re: I was offered some free "flat screen" monitors, but it was not what I had expected

The usage of the term unfortunately got mangled later on, but that's exactly what "flat screen" actually means. :) I had a late flat-screened Sony Trinitron but it didn't last long due to some manufacturing defect. For a while it was beautiful though. A family member had a 17" NEC FE700+ or FE770 or …

Re: Who cares about ebay prices when you can do this!

in Milliways
I watched somebody play that game on youtube 2-3 years ago. It looks kind of cool, but I could quickly tell I would get irritated at the assumptions the game makes about how it thinks you should go about troubleshooting and what "must" be wrong. I don't approach problems the same way the game's …

Re: Any Unreal Tournament gamers here?

in Milliways
I'm not much of an FPS guy, but I do like UT99, relatively speaking for the genre. I don't like playing much of anything online, but I can enjoy UT99 if I play against bots that I can beat. If I'm actually having a struggle, then I just get frustrated and don't enjoy it. That to me is a good sign …

Re: Geforce 2 mx 400 woes

I don't know about the booting issues, but -It won’t display in the bios from dvi but will from vga are you using a KVM? Cards with dual output sometimes don't realize which port is connected when a KVM is involved, so you're forced to use whichever it has defaulted to enabling. Something similar …

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