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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

I will add this soundcards. NETMAN II BCV90R PCI Sound Card [Rockwell RACC010 RIPTIDE] Uncharted Waters 2 (Full Soundtrack) - https://youtu.be/OmKTG48ltao Romance of Three kingdoms 3 - https://youtu.be/k9CDDjnP5KI Nobunaga no Yabou 4 - Bushou Fuuun Roku - https://youtu.be/qmucnyciNHY YS 2 Special - …

Re: Post your 386 Speedsys results here

I mostly use version 10. It has sample drawings. The largerst one is "stpauls.dwg". You load it and input command: "hide" and use your stopwatch to time the execution. It should take around 3-4 minutes on a fast 386 with FPU. Acad doesn't work without it, although one can use fpu emulator ;) Thank …

Re: Post your 386 Speedsys results here

I suspect that like the ET4000W32 cards, the CL GD5434 only benefits from the second meg of memory in Windows acceleration. It would make for an interesting test. I am also not totally sure that the 487DLX-50 is slower than the ULSI Math Co DX-2. At least I remember in my synthetic benchmarks that …

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