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Re: Collecting rants

This still counts as poor packaging, the box is way too small and not enough bubble wrap. I don't get people. A huge roll of bubble wrap is like $15 and using 10-20-30 layers of that prevents nearly every damage. PC in the picture has maybe 2 layers and look at the size of that box, way too small. …

Re: Collecting rants

Yeah, good point actually. I mean we all think that X might happen in the future but we rarely look back if what we thought would happen at this point in time actually did happen. That reminds me: a friend's father was absolutely sure that GPUs would become as cheap as chocolate bars one day. Well …

Re: Collecting rants

Sometimes a seller would put in "rare" even if it's blatantly untrue lol. It's such a commonly abused word I makes me laugh rather than have a look at the item. Like a PlayStation listing with 'rare' in the description. Over 100 million were manufactured, and it's not even one of those audiophile- …

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