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Re: Doom 2016 is the living proof...

in Milliways
I'm running DOOM on two PCs and the Vulkan performance jump with the Radeon 7950 is remarkable. At least twice the FPS I was getting on Open GL. On my GTX 970 machine, there's also an improvement but not quite as noticeable. This is like a free upgrade and I only wish more games took advantage of …

Re: Home theatre 5.1 PC question

in Milliways
Cheap yes, but not nasty actually and produces a decent sound which is a darned sight better than the TV does. I dug out a nice Audigy SE which works beautifully with Windows 10 so let's see what it can do.

Home theatre 5.1 PC question

in Milliways
I've acquired a nice home theatre speaker system but I'm not sure how to connect it correctly to the PC to get 5.1 surround. For the moment I've connected a Y splitter to the green audio out on the PC and the RCAs to the DVD input on the sub woofer. I'm not actually sure if the three inputs on the …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
The new DOOM and loving it. I remember watching the E3 presentation last year and thinking 'I hope it's going to be that good!' and it is. The game looks fantastic and is a shooter in the old school style with no irritating cutscenes, just shoot, jump, kill. I've written a review which should be …

Re: Molex to SATA connectors?

in Milliways
The other time it happened was on a brand new 3Tb hard drive which miraculously survived as the connectors on the drive didn't melt and it continued to work for about three years and then died. I'm not sure if i ever want to use these adaptors ever again.

Molex to SATA connectors?

in Milliways
Last week a customer brought his gaming machine into the shop as a small fire had taken place inside the machine which turned out to be a molex/sata adaptor cable running to the DVD. Over the years I've used loads of these cables but only when it's the only solution and you simply don't have any …

Re: Most disappointing games?

in Milliways
Rod Primitive wrote: Any game Pewdiepie, RadBrad, Markiplier or whatever LP idiot playing. Ha ha! I made the fatal mistake of dropping a critical comment in one of Piedepie's (sic) video reviews and quickly had to batten down the hatches due to the foaming at the mouth it caused.

Re: Project IGI vs. Windows 7

in Windows
Oddly enough, I never had an FPS or menu glitch with Win 7 x64 and it runs perfectly on that OS. I've only had problems with Windows 10, getting FPS as low as 6 or 7 as the OP said. Then I changed the compatibility to Vista Sp2 and all was well till I started the game again later and the FPS went …

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