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Intel AL440LX

I've had this board kicking around for a while which I've been using for simple bench tests with other components. Maybe now would be a good time to give it some life back. The model is E139761. I've initially set it up with a PII 233/512 three 32Mb dimms, a Trident 3DImage 9750 AGP card and a …

Re: Celeron 300

Update: Had a rummage and found a box of P2's which I thought I had lost in the move last year. Changed the Celeron for a PII 266/512 which is showing up as 300Mhz, even though I can't see any way of tweaking in the BIOS.

Unreal Direct3D 10

in Windows
Very nice renderer for Unreal and the game runs as smooth as butter. All explained here: http://kentie.net/article/d3d10drv/index.htm

Re: Celeron 300

Sorry to bash PC Chips, but it's a fact that out of all the mobos I've had to replace in the last few years it's been 75% of that make along with ECS. Maybe I'm just lucky that this old one still manages to fire up....touch wood.

Re: Motorhead

in Windows
I can't even get to the main menu of the game. Running Win7 x64 Radeon 5770. Using glidewrapper and compat for win98 and patched to 3.0. Will keep trying Edit Anyone tried running it through dosbox?

Re: Celeron 300

The mobo appears to be a PC Chips M729 (PC100 BXCel). I've seen hundreds of PC Chips boards down here, mainly 478's and the failure rate has not been impressive. Maybe the earlier ones were higher quality. The Voodoo Rush 3dfx patch did the trick thanks and now I'm shooting bats quite happily. I …

Re: Celeron 300

Will check that FN2, thanks. I wish I'd kept the boxes. I've had these cards rumbling about in boxes from one house/country to another. They don't make em like they used to. Have to be these then: http://www.tdfx.de/eng/power3d2.shtml

Re: Celeron 300

So they are 12MB beasts. Great! I actually remember the day I bought the second one. In those days it was a significant sum of money. I'll double check the mobo/cpu tomorrow. Tbh, it's been quite a while since I fiddled around with the system as I spend most of my time fixing other people's PC's for …

Celeron 300

Hi all, I'm new here. I put this together ages ago. Used to be a Compace Rally 486DX and so the only original parts are the case, PSU and CDRom which I've had from new. Celeron 300 Mobo BX???? 256MB PC100 10Gb HDD Floppy 3 1/2 Toshiba CDrom Techworks Power3D2 4MB in SLI Ati Rage pro 8MB ISA PCMCIA …

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