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Re: Windows 3.1 Sound problem

I know, this is a old thread but i had under windows 3.1 crazy sound stuttering. Using Sb16 and Gravis Ultrasound. I installed Phantasmagoria 1 und the video for windows played with sound stuttering. A few days before, i installed Darkseed 2. No Problems with video for windows. I compared the 2 …

Re: Jane's WW2 Fighters (1998) Running Good!

in Windows
Pretty certain it was a Direct3D6 game. It is, but it also supports Glide and OpenGL: http://www.mobygames.com/images/covers/l/228246-jane-s-combat-simulations-wwii-fighters-windows-back-cover.jpg To quote from that image: Graphics: 3-D graphic[sic] accelerator compatible with Glide 3.0, Direct3D, …

Janes AH-64D Longbow 1 & 2 without CD inc Memory Fix (Windows)

in Windows
Hello @ll I'm a Gamer (most oldgames) and Hobby programmer and Adminstrator (at work). In my free time i try to fix old games to run on modern Systems. Now it is one of them, the updates of old games to fix to run without CD. The most updates for the German Versions from the Old Games era are forgot …

Re: What is a good game launcher, please?

in Windows
Just Take a look @ CGBoard. I'm Workin on LH=Game(Start,i), a Windows Game Launcher for Win95-Win7 Era Games. At the moment. i'm workin on a Gui for the Ini. See on Page 2 at the end 😀. The other is a Game Database for Games (PC/Scumm/DOsbox and Console) LH=Game(Database,i) 😀

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