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Re: Where are you getting Windows games from?

in Milliways
Steam / GOG offer only a tiny portion of retro games. A lot of good old games are... NOT on Goold Old Games ! :( A least you can still have a good portion of games for free in the form of demos/shareware, even if the full versions are not sold and hard to come by. It's a pity that modern commercial …

Re: Rare and lost demo/shareware releases wanted list

in Milliways
Thanks to Hallfiry 's catalogue I found a very early demo of Age of Rifles : WCS3.zip . Unfortunately it's both incomplete and broken. This version is found on the Generation 4 Issue No. 82 coverdisk . The date stamp on the binary executable, RIFLES.EXE (601 375 bytes), is from 19 Jul 1995, whereas …

Re: Running online DRM games offline guide

Sorry if this is off-topic, but it has just occurred to me in relation to this thread, are there/have there been any fan-made server emulators for games that were originally multiplayer only, but the official servers are now down, but said emulators allow to play PvE content locally?

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