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Re: Daggerfall CVS Build by Ykhwong

Sorry for bumping this but I since I've been using some of Daum Cafe DOSBox CVN builds, and never heard of one specifically designed to run Daggerfall , this thread had caught my attention. From what information I could find, the build in question is actually one of Gulikoza's builds, available here …

Re: Prince of Persia 2 remake

in Milliways
The visuals look nice but I'm not overly excited. TBH, I like the first PoP more than the sequel, and I wish the did something like the much enhanced SNES port that kept the feel of the original game while adding tons of new content. On a vaguely related note, I wonder why no one has yet made a free …

Re: Options you change in games

in Milliways
In FPS games like Duke Nukem 3D , Descent or Radix , I might change the controls to the WASD scheme if I feel like it (more probably for Descent , "on foot" FPS games usually play well with the default arrow keys controls). Sometimes I'd also invert the mouse Y axis, but after having some experience …

Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

Hello! While I generally don't use frontends, I find your project very appealing, especially for the bundled games feature, which IMO must be helping a lot to bring DOS games to a wider audience (taking into account that not everyone is willing to mess around with DOSBox settings on their own). …

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