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Re: My first 486 build

Haha thanks! il have to see about borrowing a camera from my sister! My extra parts are a isa mach8 (don't believe it works) a vlb cirrus logic card, a trident vlb card, a Pentium mmx 233mhz (from my first retro adventure) a k6-3 333mhz, and so many more. This 486 and a pentium2 I built for my best …

My first 486 build

Hi everyone, although in progress I thought I would post about my system im working on. No pics for now, but here are the specs: pcchips m912, 24mb of ram, ati mach32 (rather nice looking model, 2mb maybe?) 3com etherlink 3 if I remember right, magic s-22 audio card, mitsumi 16x, Panasonic 3.5 …

Abit vp6

I recently picked up this motherboard on the cheap and I believe that the bios is corrupt. I get a cmos checksum error and when I press DEL to enter setup it hangs on a black screen. Also it only enters the bios after I remove the bios battery and clear the jumper. The problem is that I can not find …

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