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Cheap FX 5200 Ultra? Flash Apple to PC?

I noticed there are a few Apple Geforce FX 5200 AGP cards on eBay for cheap. High quality build and a little research tells me that Apple only had the Ultra version in either 64MB or 128MB. So.... has anyone successfully flashed one of these to a PC BIOS? If not, I guess I am the guinea pig. Anyone …

Re: YMF744 using SB-Link Oddity?

ok, we are not living in an alternate universe after all thank goodness..... Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis had music but no sound or speech until I slowed it down with Throttle. No caches were disabled (or harmed) in the making of this test. I think this Pentium III 850 is gonna work out …

Re: YMF744 using SB-Link Oddity?

Heya J^aws, long time no see. I've been away...... I think you misunderstood me. Pentium III 850, full speed. ie 300fps Quake 1 OpenGL YMF744 PCI, S-IRQ and PC/PCI No issues with voice or sound. I am stunned. I am going to try a few other games soon. I was expecting voice not to work until I slowed …

Re: Yamaha XG with S/PDIF out ?

Well, I found a better photo and the output does have a trace that goes to the missing top left connector pad. I cannot tell if it goes to top right connector pad from the photo. It looks like the CD Digital In uses the S/PDIF input. I will still look and real card and verify.

Re: Yamaha XG with S/PDIF out ?

From what I see on this card is both S/PDIF connectors are in and not out. The picture I looked at wasn't very clear but the S/PDIF out on the YMF744 chip looks like it does not have a trace. I will look at an actual card tomorrow with magnifier visor and confirm.

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