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My Windows 98 SE Project Build Diary

Part 1. Well I am fed up with today's games and really want to relive the glory of old. Great games with inferior graphics maybe but really great game play. I guess that's why we are all here. This is an attempt to document my retro build. I do not expect to tell you anything you don't already know …

Re: D3D 5.0, best card for the job?

in Windows
Hmmm, I was a huge 3Dfx fan back in the day. I even owned a Quantum Obsidian back in the day, wish I still had it. Anyways I would (and did) grab this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/310320932421

Please help with this soundcard

in DOS
I have been unable to locate information about this soundcard and hopefully some of you may know something about it. I want to use it for late DOS games, early Windows games and possibly older DOS games. Looks pretty decent? The chip is from Analog Devices and it claims a lot of compatibility. …

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