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Re: Note FM Tracker

in Milliways
The cafe data file and posts are old above 7 years. It is almost impossible to talk with author, I think. (Since the cafe's last post was last September. Maybe newer member is impossibel to sign in.) The SOP file format is similar to Rol, but have OPL3 support. (YMF-262M's 4OP mode, written in cafe …

Re: Sound blaster Live Dos Sound Emulation

in DOS
lol I grew up using this exact machine, unfortunately my original one was tossed in a moment of stupidity :( . Earth 2140 ran great, besides I already got it to run earlier with the original sound card. (although it was not the proper drivers so the sound was very very VERY quiet.) Ok well I will …

Re: USB FM Module

in Milliways
Great quality. So, what are your impressions on the GIMIC FM module? I found a demo showing the inputs, outputs, and software, but it looks like the program is in Japanese. Or do you not need the software for the device to function? G.I.M.I.C demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UttG1WQiPs bonus …

Re: USB FM Module

in Milliways
I did a google search for gimic and dosbox and it led me to this page: http://www.vesta.dti.ne.jp/~tsato/software.html#m88 But I don't understand Japanese. Is that the dosbox binary you used?

USB FM Module

in Milliways
I found a USB FM module online, here is the site: http://gimic.jp/index.php?Getting%20Started%20with%20GIMIC Is there anything like this available in the USA? Example on Youtube: "Palace of Destruction / YS" on G.I.M.I.C (OPM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4E8vzBd6TQ

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