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Earth 2140 runs choppy in DOSbox

Anyone know a good setting to get Earth 2140 to run as it is intended? I used to play this game all the time and have had it sitting around now for a while but since 4 years ago when I tossed my old pentium 1 and 2 computers (In a moment of stupidity) I haven't been able to get it to run correctly, …

Re: Sound blaster Live Dos Sound Emulation

in DOS
Apparently you and I are at the same impasse, I would be really interested to see if you can get the SB Live PCI card to work. I have a Sb0200 and I can't for the life of me get DOS games to detect it. Works great for windows applications though. So ironically I am running DOSbox on windows 98. 🤣

Re: Looking for a old game.

Yeah they are going over the English translations and fixing some of the mistakes as well as sorting out other bugs. So it should be a completely refreshed modern release of essentially the same game. Besides who would buy from GOG? They are simply taking games that were abandonware and now making …

Re: Windows 98 SE slows when Multitasking

Actually I think it was what the first guy said. I checked the DMA on the HDD and it was disabled so I enabled it and restarted the computer and no sound stuttering. So far multitasking seems to be normal now. So problem fixed I think. As to the service packs I think I applied the official one but …

Windows 98 SE slows when Multitasking

Hello all, I was hoping you guys could figure out if this is normal or what but I am running windows 98 SE on a Sony Viao PCX-RX550. Specs : CPU : Intel Pentium 4 1.6 ghz RAM : 512 mb Sound : PCI Soundblaster Live! SB0200 Graphics : PCI Nvidia Geforce TNT2 When I use it normally to do things like …

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