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Re: Video editing software advice?

in Milliways
1. What is the HDD (or SSD) where the file is stored? You say Raid 0, but don't say what type of storage. 2. Compression of file (or absence of) can have big impact. Some devices that create files on the fly, use codecs that encode quickly, to the detriment of decoding that will take longer. Advice …

Re: My desk and room is a mess

in Milliways
Muz, I struggle with keeping all sorts of boxes, for things that I paid big money for. Sometimes it's useful to keep boxes (if you want to re-sell, or fear that it will break down so you need warranty in the future) but most of the time, if the item works... just throw the box away. My current rule …

Re: More about Sierra's Music Cards

cyclone3d wrote: Beegle wrote: Thanks for these scans! I'd love to hear the demo tape... if a copy exists somewhere. Youtube is your friend: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query= … e+Sierra+Lounge My mistake - didn't even bother searching as I expected it would not be there. Thanks!

Re: Random Parts Find

Crazy thing is I had the same idea a few years back, and collected parts for a luggable 486 for the same purpose. Started placing components in the "case" when it occurred to me that the spongy lining was flammable, as well as the case itself (wood/cardboard underneath the metallic exterior …

Re: Stupid errors in old manuals

in Milliways
cyclone3d wrote: You can't always do that though. I know. And this is coming from someone who does programming as well. I did not say it could always be done. But many basic errors can be recovered. I merely mentioned that when it's possible, we should do it. I'll change my post to be clearer on …

Re: Stupid errors in old manuals

in Milliways
Shows the importance of applying "graceful recover" whenever it can be applied, when creating software or hardware. (At the core is 3 steps : 1. acknowledge the error to the user, 2. fix or override it internally when possible, and 3. continue operation (when possible). ) Stopping everything …

Re: Vogons Video Announcement Thread

in Milliways
Nice initiative, and a great idea. Although I don't post new content very frequently at the moment (working on the AdLib documentary) my YT channel is The Sound Card Database , and I post videos about sound cards and music in video games... Latest : The OPL2LPT Fan-Favourite : DUNE soundtrack played …

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