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Re: AMD 3DNow! Documentation

in Milliways
Most 3DNow instructions are just early variants (designed to work with MMX registers) of integer instructions that were later included in SSE or SSE2. If you know SSE it should be easy enough to understand what they do just from their names.

Re: The Last Dynasty

in DOS
It sounds like you've followed a guide (you should be specific and say which one) to running DOS games on real hardware. Most of that doesn't apply to DOSBox. Usually all you need to do is mount the .iso file using the imgmount command before starting windows however the process is more complicated …

Re: The Last Dynasty

in DOS
You only need config.sys and autoexec.bat with DOSBox if you're using a hard disk image, which isn't required to run windows 3.11 and certainly won't work with CD images (the vide-cdd driver will not load because IDE hardware is not emulated). Modifying those files most likely has no effect in this …

Re: Meanwhile on Mars...

in Milliways
The choice of an x86 CPU sounds weird enough, let alone running windows 98 when windows CE is quite common for dedicated purpose machines. Afaik most of the stuff that gets sent to Mars uses RAD750 CPUs, radiation hardened version of the PowerPC 750 (same CPU as the GameCube and Wii).

Re: SVGA/VESA programming

Transport Tycoon doesn't really do anything special; it's a protected mode game (using a commercial but uncommon extender) and relies on the VGA card having vesa2/LFB support (it has univbe built-in to support older cards). It doesn't update at the max frame rate possible, usually hovering around 30 …

Re: Run Privateer II the darkening

Sounds like the common problem with games that mix 2D and 3D modes, due to the instruction timings not being very accurate (all instructions are treated as taking one cycle, no matter what they do). Syndicate Wars is another game with the same problem (map/mission screens too fast, gameplay too slow …

Re: Install DOS in DOSBox

CD image mounting is handled by emulating the mscdex DOS interface. That isn't possible once the boot command is used (it only works with DOSBox's "internal DOS"). Loading an ATAPI driver won't work because the IDE hardware isn't emulated.

Re: DOS file size limit

in DOS
I've been confused by, and trying to solve this problem for years now. It seems the DOS 7.1 Kernel does not support 4GB-1 (long. unsigned files), but it will support both FAT32 partitions (max filesize 4GB -1) and also 64-kb cluster sizes on FAT16 partitions which means those partitions can also ( …

Re: DOSBox ReelMagic Fork

1) but there are still a couple of distorted lines at the bottom of the picture. Do you think they could be cleaned up? If the original hardware setup does not do this then yes probably it can be cleaned up. I'll look into this. To me that looks like very typical VHS head switching noise (from the …

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