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Re: DOSBox-X branch

The problem may not be related to just the difference in precision, fpu_instructions.h is a very minimal x87 implementation that doesn't always take FP exceptions when it should or set flags correctly for many instructions. Using "long double" won't fix that. Intel made a utility to test for correct …

PowerPC Dynamic Recompiler (patch)

So I started this over 5 years ago, left it unfinished for a few years and now started from scratch and got it into a fit state for submitting... This patch adds a dynamic recompiler for 32-bit PowerPC, based on the existing dynrec framework. I've only tested it on a wii but there should be no …

Re: Date & Time Mismatch?

FeedingDragon wrote: What I was semi-asking was.... Isn't there a file library in standard C++ (the language DOSBox code "appears" to be written in,) that has file date/time commands? There is not, that is precisely the problem.

Re: Date & Time Mismatch?

but thats kind weird though, in *nix realm we have "touch" program, on dos realm, i remember Norton Utilitiess have a program called "FD.exe" or "File Date", which thanks to compatibility, also works on 32-bit windows regardless the underlying FileSystem (FAT/NTFS). there also "touch" for windows …

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