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Re: PowerPC Dynamic Recompiler (patch)

Related: Here is a patch that fixes drive_fat.cpp to work on big-endian systems (including fixing a bug that allocates one too many clusters when a file's length is a multiple of the cluster size) and makes use of gcc's bswap builtins (which for PowerPC translate to lwbrx/stwbrx) for host memory …

Re: Diablo I on GOG!!!

in Milliways
At least Warcraft 1 & 2 will run properly under DOSBox... this Diablo 1 release is a shambles. They didn't bother to fix the DEP error (so it crashes on startup if you have DEP protection turned on), and the shoddy directdraw wrapper prevents the "upgraded" version from being able to use Battle.net. …

Re: Screensaver error

Qbix wrote: Not really sure if we can even detect the screensaver from running. SDL takes care of it for some platforms based on the SDL_VIDEO_ALLOW_SCREENSAVER env variable.

Re: DOSBox-X branch

You could handle FPU instructions in a separate thread. The co-processor was designed to operate asynchronously, that's the whole reason why there's an fwait instruction (makes the CPU wait until the FPU has finished everything).

Re: PowerPC Dynamic Recompiler (patch)

Get rid of the zero extension when decode.big_op is false and use "decode.big_op?(void*)(®_eip):(void*)(®_ip),decode.big_op)" when storing the value from the host reg. If the value is zero extended it's fine to write 32 bits to ®_eip (that's what the normal and full cores always do) but why …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

The problem may not be related to just the difference in precision, fpu_instructions.h is a very minimal x87 implementation that doesn't always take FP exceptions when it should or set flags correctly for many instructions. Using "long double" won't fix that. Intel made a utility to test for correct …

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