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Re: Information on 'imaging' a hard drive, please.

in Milliways
I didn't know the 360 could only use proprietary hard drives (thanks Microsoft). Can I at least make a disc image from the 360's hard drive (now that it has all of the games on it that I want), and then if the hard drive becomes corrupted, then I can put the disc image back on the hard drive to …

Re: Is there any progress on 3dfx emulation?

in Windows
Right, so what about using a type of hal instead of full-on software emulation? One does not simply "use a HAL." Especially if they want code to be portable. If the system it is being run on is x86, then not everything should need to be emulated. The problem is you can't selectively emulate some …

Re: Is there any progress on 3dfx emulation?

in Windows
There are problems with both 3dfx and win9x emulation in DOSBox that both boil down to how floating point is handled, the only way it would ever be properly portable would be if someone wrote full x87 emulation code and I don't think that's ever been done for any project.

Re: Edsun CEG (Continious Edge Graphics) RAM DAC

At the very least it should act as a normal 8-bit color RAMDAC if it is truly a drop in replacement. To get the Anti Aliasing features, you need to include that logic in your graphics code. Too bad it is not automatic, but we are talking 1990 technology after all:) The ebay listings say they're …

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